Sheboygan Visual Artists

Sarah Folz

Light Punch, Boxing Day (26 December 2013) A Messenger God Startle Greek Greek Greek Greek 22 December 2013 Arc, December 2013 How Much Light Do You See? Common Thread A Formulated Gaze Imitation Copy Convivial Broken Seal, 26 December 2013 Half A Mind Parnell Tower Have To Keep  Moving, 22 December 2013 Pilgrimage Detail, Whitetail (Green Bay, WI) Juniper Scratch Proof, 26 December 2013 Is It Animate?, December 19, 2013 Approach I, December 2013 Approach II, December 2013 Approach III, December 2013 Directions Advertizing Glow Street Dreams (Where I Grew Up) Battlegrounds Greeting, Harrington 7.3.13 H.B. Light Box Black Box New_1_New_2_DSCF8408 New_1_New_1_DSCF8346 Parallel Lives and Cross Await Black River Ribbon, Sheboygan Wisc. Circled Coil, 26 December 2013 Partition, Parnell Tower Attacked New_1_DSCF7581 16 December I want hold me Break Like A Heart Put them to rest for inclement seasons (no rest in between) 26 December 2013 '80s Living Dad Recalling The Sky Assail Toward Winter (Growing Colder) Corn Woman Candy Wrapper Town, MN DSCF0350 New_1_DSCF9993 16 December Written Reflection, Cedarburg, Wisc. Admixing Perception Lake Michigan @ Kohler Andrae Lake Michigan @ Kohler Andrae 26 December 2013 Responsive Gormless Exchange Entryway Undersea Menagerie Sky Screened Baby toys Artifactualized 16 December day one 284 Variation LIV Harrington 7.2.13 Gwabmenem Something Borrowed Exchanged Variation XXV Midday Variation XL Halt her Needle Charm Bug North End Birch Stump Jump New_1_DSCF3476 (2) Mother Deer, Harrington Beach, WI Western Face of Birch Facing East Bratt Woods, Autumn 2013 New_1_DSCF8058 Flor Fluoresce New_1_DSCF8518 New_1_DSCF2221 July 4th, 2013 Harrington Hidden Webbing Rush To Wed, Bed, Spring Down Harrington 7.2.13 Harrington 7.2.13 Harrington 7.2.13 New_2_New_1_New_1_DSCF9332n Multiples Lake Michigan @ Kohler Andrae Harrington 7.2.13 New_1_New_1_DSCF9296 Fox River Ribbons, Green Bay, Wisc. Specifically US II Folds, Peaks and Yolks (Young Rising) July 4th, 2013, Harrington July 4th, 2013, Harrington Swamp in Sepia IV Protagonizing (The Princess) July 4th, 2013, Harrington 26 December 2013 The Sea Life A Basic Shape Heightened New_1_DSCF3248 22 December 2013 Winter Fruit New_1_New_2_DSCF8413 New_1_DSCF8260 Next to nought New_1_DSCF5951 Kettle Moraine, Autumn 2013 Kettle Moraine, Autumn 2013 New_2_DSCF4321 Slip Potawatomi State Park, Autumn 2013 Altered New_1_DSCF1619 Imprickled Parnell Tower New_1_DSCF3316 Theater I Reactress (Similarly Taken [Action]) Circle and Fringe Bywater New_1_DSCF9711 Foreshadowing Twisting Plot July 10, 2013 Harrington New_1_DSCF4224 Heaven Up New_1_DSCF9086 New_1_DSCF8916 Altered New_1_DSCF3246 New_1_DSCF8392 New_1_DSCF9155 Jack Pine, Fallen Lambs Ear New_1_DSCF9211 New_1_DSCF2195 Kohler 6.24.13 Water Dance Dog Water Dance Dog Water Dance Dog Water Dance Dog Water Dance Dog