Sheboygan Visual Artists

Richard Biemann

I've been processing and printing my own black and white film since my high school days and have worked in the photofinishing industry since 1989.  It's only within the last ten years that I have considered myself an artist.  My photographic art began with film and  now includes digital images as well.

The portfolio here shows a range of types of photography that interest me.  That list includes traditional Black &White, hand-colored prints, pinhole photography, kite aerial photpgraphy, Through the Viewfinder photography, 3D, and digital.  

On my blog I write about how or why I've made certain images.

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Vanilla 1 IMG_1908 DSC05751 another view 2 DSC05367 v3 Sundial 1 bird house Pendarvis 2 Bench On 3rd Street NFS red cup garden hand 2 piano Cala Lilies amaryllis pinhole bike Lake Michigan power plant sweep Stones and Water Light House with gulls plant on chair bike 3D Frog Trio 3D Autumnal Shout Pears In A Basket red bush Image2 Star 5 David 360 tree5v2 at cave point Four Seasons 2x2 appleton tree