Sheboygan Visual Artists

Ray Hagerman

To me, art is totally encompassing of the moment merged between artist, viewer, and vision that emerges from emotional  sensitivity and confidence, taking meaning from mindfulness, and mood from memory.

Whether bordered or boundless, a statement is made when feeling is defined -- locked in struggle, delight, control, profundity...  immeasurable, immense or mundane.

My paintings evolve from post impressionist style, a style easily recognized in work by Cezanne, Monet, Manet, Degas,  Philip Hale, William Paxton, William Merritt Chase and others.  Simply, I use oil and acrylics in representational form, color and composition to translate the epitome of honest self-expression in what surrounds me: snapshots grasped from what I see every day without embellishment invading life's moments, human expression and earthly grandeur.

Three Amigos At Peace Into the Woods The Tales We Could Tell P1020460 Last Cast P1020275 P1020273 P1020269 P1020268 P1020265 P1020263 Seagrass P1020265 IMG_0746