Sheboygan Visual Artists

Phyllis Brillowski

I have always been interested in all forms of art but didn’t actively pursue painting until twenty years ago when my daughter brought home her paintings from high school. She inspired me to try my hand with watercolors. I enrolled in various art workshops and schools.

Painting brings joy and excitement into my life. Creating a design has no limits. Painting has no limits. I am a “high roller” every time I paint. I enrolled in various art workshops and was hooked in the art world. Looking at the sky, the trees, lakes and rivers were never the same. I enjoy painting while traveling and taking pictures while I travel and then paint from the photographs. I have taken watercolor workshops in New York, California, Maine, and Wisconsin.

Traveling and painting with watercolor are two of my greatest “escapes.” My mind clears and I can think of nothing else. Painting brings me to a new world of color and creativity.  I can hardly wait to see my finished paintings (most of the time).

My goal is to constantly improve and bring new ideas into my artwork. I  love for my paintings to bring enjoyment to others and myself.

Sheboygan Lighthouse new LM Skyline Lake Michigan Skyline I See the Light A bunch of Daisy's Red Tulip 16x20    $190.00 Lake Michigan Blues 20x26 (brighter)   $225.00 Sunflowers 18x22   $225.00 Trees of Gold 16x20  $165.00 White Flowers Together  20x26   $245.00 Wild Wild Flowers 16x20   $145.00