Sheboygan Visual Artists

Peg Haubert

Hello, my name is Peg. I received my degree - BFA Independent Filmmaking at UW-Milwaukee. After years of being a video producer, writer, director, editor I turned to the comfort of making visual art. The only thing I needed to do this was my imagination and a variety of art supplies.

I moved to Sheboygan to be near my son and family. After kicking around town a couple of years I discovered and became a member of the Sheboygan Visual Artists local artists group. I've been an active artist volunteer since joining in 2013 and found this the best way to connect to the growing Sheboygan Art Scene. It is growing!

                                       * * *

I work, primarily in mixed media. I think of mixed media as a type of alchemy; a way to create something that is not easily duplicated and will not appear in limited edition prints. After years of experimenting and trying to find my own style, I found a way to get the results I wanted. It is difficult to take good photographs of the work due to the reflective surfaces and always loses something in the transition. My work needs to be seen up close and personal to be fully appreciated.

I enjoy walking into an art supply store to gather what I need and the clerk takes note of the pile of items in front of me and says, “Interesting ingredients you’ve rounded up.” I am inclined to reply, “Yes, I have a secret recipe.” To some people, cooking after work is a stress reliever - plus you get to eat. I've mostly had an appetite for something else - experiments with paint, canvas, and other art materials and cooking up new artwork.

Visual art is my life! I revel in the excitement of finding a new ingredient to cast into the mix and the fun of creating something that never existed before. However, I also enjoy being able to change my style and/or media when I feel like it - all  part of freedom of expression. When I want to create a serious work of art I return to my favorite mixed media recipe. As with most personal recipes - I seldom share my secrets and besides, the recipe is always changing.

Working with mixed media allows me to utilize an array of materials and to incorporate many of my personal interests into the work.

For example, the glyphs or ‘symbols’ that I’ve long found fascinating are evident in most of my mixed media work and stem from my interest in language and the development of written texts - language started out as drawings. The marks and symbols in my work are derivied from those undeciphered bacademics, from what I'm told. Yet, they are a reminder of the fact that people have wanted to express themselves since the beginning of conscious thought. The marks also provide a visual background rhythm to the works. History and antiquities are of interests to me as well. When I make a new piece of art and it looks like it’s thousands of years old I'm happy. If it contains a metaphor or two, I’m elated.  

                                       * * *

My work has been shown at UW-Milwaukee Fine Arts Gallery, UW-Madison Art Gallery, Anderson Art Center, Kenosha, Nevel Museum, Green Bay, Lawton University, Appleton and many galleries including the James Dixon Art Gallery, Tory Island, Ireland and is currently on view at my studio, and in art venues in this area.

 I often participate in group shows at EBCO Artworks, 1201 Erie Ave., home to the Sheboygan Visual Artists group.

 "Street View Studio" (formerly ArtenSoul Studio) at 913 Indiana, Ave., Sheboygan, WI is where I conduct my experiments and make and sell my art work. Visitors are welcome. Appointments are advised.

Doing most of the Marketing and Communications for Sheboygan Visual Artists takes a lot of time but I feel it is time well spent and very important to the growth of the art scene.

You are welcome to visit my website:

(My site name will likely change soon too due to the opening of a new art consignment shop on 8th St who happened to like the same name and registered it as a business. I had a studio name but it was unregistered.)

I can be reached by email at or by calling 920-452-2699 or 414-861-2025

Resplendent Lock - mixed media 30x40 (Commissionable) Rooftops of Stromness 30x40 mixed media $800 Amsterdam Perhaps 30x40 Elemental Spirits 90 x 40 Power of Two 30x40 Sri Yantra  30x30 Peg Haubert