Sheboygan Visual Artists

Patty Aker

Growing up in England in the Swing’ 60’s exposed me the glamour of that era.  At the beginning of the Millennium, I returned to college to pursue my passion for art and fiber.  I attended class at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and the University of Wisconsin Sheboygan.

My current work started when asked to create a baptismal banner for my church.  I endeavored to paint the banner on silk. The project took many months of trial and error. The experience was so wonderful and addictive that it has spurned a cottage business venture, Gaelic Sands.

Painting and sharing art experiences, learning new techniques and teaching silk painting workshops are a crucial part of my world.

In January 2009, I trained as a docent at the John Michael Kohler Art Center, (JMKAC) in Sheboygan.  I enjoy doing the docent workshops with children of all ages.  The continuing training and education provided by JMKAC is unparalleled.  This, plus joining a website based art group, surrounds me with enthusiastic art-centered people and provides me with drive and inspiration for my work.

Besides painting silk wall-hangings and canvases, I create art on silk scarves.  The scarves can be found for sale at TLC in Sheboygan, and A Little Pizzazz in Cedarburg.  I conduct silk painting workshops at the JMKAC . Call Gaelic Sands Studio at 920-693-2005 or email for more information.


Patty Aker - ROOTED I Patty Aker - IGNITION Patty Aker - AUTUMN'S GRIP Patty Aker - CRUDE WORLD (Sold) Patty Aker - THISTLE CAVE (Sold) Patty Aker - MELT I  ($120) Patty Aker -  FILAMENT ($150) Patty Aker - Olympics Colours Patty Aker - Totem I & II Patty Aker -Tree Doodle I  (Sold) Patty Aker - Tree Doodle III (Sold) Patty Aker - Tree in the moonlight (Sold) Patty Aker - Tree in the Moonlight I ($250) Patty Aker - Reunion I ($250) Patty Aker -The Poor Neighbours  ($200) Patty Aker -Welsh Birch (Sold) Patty Aker -Beyond the Wall Patty Aker - Three Friends ($200) Patty Aker - Forbidden Nectar I ($150)