Sheboygan Visual Artists

Olivera Djukic

Inspired by friends and family I started painting again after a long break just for my own satisfaction and joy in creating art. Public interest exceeded my expectation so I decided to publish some of my work.

I am a self-thought artist. I started painting in my early teens with water colors, charcoal, dry pastel and oil paint, mostly landscapes and Roman and Greek mythology gods.

I was painting on any surface that I thought that needed to be transformed and given a new look. I loved experimenting with different mediums on different surfaces like wood, glass, and ceramic.

My paintings are in many styles and subject matters, abstract, realism, expressionism and whatever else may strike me.

With each painting I try to create a faraway dream land or simply something that brings happieness.

Olivera Djukic - #0273 Olivera Djukic - #0174 Olivera Djukic - Summer Morning Olivera Djukic - #1017 Olivera Djukic - #0282