Sheboygan Visual Artists

Nicole Lilyquist

Nicole Lilyquist is known for her expressive mixed media paintings, featuring peaceful, serene landscapes and botanical forms.  She uses a layering technique to apply mono-print collage papers, ink, and paint to wood or canvas to capture expressive and natural forms.

Nicole was born in Upper Michigan, where she spent most of her childhood exploring the surrounding forests.  This has inspired her work today.  She is currently residing in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  She enjoys exploring the shores of Lake Michigan and forests with her two sons and and her husband.

Although Nicole has received some formal education in the arts, she chose to explore her technique on her own.  She believes in the free range approach to learning, a philosophy she follows with her two home schooled children.  This has allowed her to make new discoveries in techniques and materials she may not have found in a formal education.

Nicole exhibits her work in several juried art events and won Best of Show in the 2-dimensional category at the Monument Square Art Fair in Racine, Wisconsin.  She looks forward to exhibiting her work in Sheboygan and throughout Wisconsin in the future.

If you would like to learn more about Nicole's work or to view her upcoming events you can visit her webisite:

Dreaming of Summer Birds on the Horizon Where the Water Meets the Meadow On the Edge Mixed Media Moonlight Midnight Slumber Sumbmerge Immersed in a Dream Dancing Leaves Emerge