Sheboygan Visual Artists

Monica Butzen

I tried painting but found I am not able to easily transfer the images from my head to my hands. I found with photography, the camera is my paintbrush and I can easily create images. My favorite images are close-ups that almost appear to be "real" or "live". I love it when I take a photograph and can experience the "feel" of it with any of my five senses and I love to share these photos with family and friends. I love using my DSLR camera to take photos of flowers, animals, landscapes, architecture, objects, and humorous situations.

apple of my eye little church in the woods silken hostas God Help Me she can't party like she used to testing 1...2... sunrise on the horizon makes me happy cumulonimbus magic blackhole brake your heart you are hysterical corn row ractrack white beauty with wm ready aim shoot the ivories are twinkling jmk omg.1 turn volume to 11 high seas adventure.1 i love roses sleeping on my garden watch tiger love red flamingo cardinal all along the watchtower prickly heat unlock my secrets summer sunday ritual purple pride aloe who is real and who is fake let me down