Sheboygan Visual Artists

Marty Carney

I am an artist wondering at the art of living. My passion for art and creativity has emerged and evolved over the years. I have lived my life so far in the American Midwest. As my aunt once marveled flying into the Midwest after having lived away from this area for a length of time, “The green! The shades of green!” I live within those shades of green unfolding. Within this “heartland,” I find a place to stand in the sun, to feel the rain and snow, to huddle in warm coffee shops with friends through the long and dark winters. For the last thirteen years I’ve lived near the Wisconsin shores of Lake Michigan. So along with all the Midwestern shades of green, I’m now captivated by the broad space and the hues of blue that unfold from the Lake.

I enjoy designing images and expressing my creativity through various media as diverse as oil painting on canvas, computer graphic design, and photography. I also enjoy creating social spaces which encourage the creativity of life and its wonders to emerge.

I enjoy the challenge of working with many others as together we create:
• through commissioned works of art in oil painting on canvas.
• through commissioned computer-designed graphics, logos, and images.
• creating events of creativity and spirituality.

North Beach House Sheboygan 11x14 oil on canvas Bright.02 Birches in the Fall 2013 10x8 oil on board Nick Mann Doodles Painting his Story of the Sturgeon Mural