Sheboygan Visual Artists

Lybra Olbrantz

Lybra Ray spent her childhood growing up in Milwaukee, WI, living through her imagination where she delved into self-expression through art. She always thought her art would be a collaboration of paint and collage. It wasn't until February 2013 when she was exploring the Montmartre neighbourhood around her hostel in Paris that she began to believe that her dream of becoming a traveling artist could become a reality. She stumbled into a pop-up studio for an artist that used mixed media of collage and street art to make incredible paintings. This serendipitous event would spark the much needed reassurance from the universe that she could do this too. In 2014, upon returning from a four month journey in Brazil she had a fresh new perspective on life. Inspired to begin her own artistic journey, she returned home to Haven, WI. Lybra Ray's colourful life is conveyed in her art. These are the first pieces from the start of the adventure.

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