Sheboygan Visual Artists

Lisa Bernier

I am passionate about textiles and functional art. When people ask what my medium is, my answer is, ”Anything I can get my hands on.” I employ a variety of materials and processes in each of my projects in order to transform elements we encounter in our everyday lives into rich, complex, patterns and textures that I then print onto the media that best lends itself to the individual pattern I have created.

At the beginning of my process, I meticulously observe my natural surroundings and photograph a wide array of subjects whose lines, texture, and color intrigue me. For example, when hiking in the woods, a piece of moss or lichen may catch my interest. Along a beach, a wave-ravaged piece of driftwood may reveal astonishing potential. Even while I’m preparing a meal, I linger over each vegetable as it is sliced open and a new beauty is revealed.  

Once I have taken a photo that inspires me, I focus on digitally manipulating the photo into intricate patterns that transform the original image into something else entirely. Each piece takes on a life of its own as I print it onto material such as silk or wood veneer. With each finished work, such as a silk scarf, I attach a card containing the original image I used to create its pattern. I attach the original image to my work to emphasize the transformative nature of art and to inspire my audience to take a second look or a longer glance at their surroundings to recognize the wonder and beauty that is around us every day.

Inverted Leaf scarf Save the Bees Scarf Shadow Star scarf Square Poppies Hydrangea 2 scarf