Sheboygan Visual Artists

Kristina Halseth

I'm a photographer through and through. I borrowed my father's camera in high school and never gave it back. I have done studio work, newspaper journalism, art and lots of black and white pictures. People are my favorite thing to photograph.

198661 Tony Lake Michigan Up a Tree Up a Tree Lake Michigan Lake Michigan Lake Michigan Lake Michigan Swamp Thing Swamp Thing Swamp Thing Swamp Thing Swamp Thing Swamp Thing Swamp Thing Orange Flowers Beautiful Child Against the wall 3 Against the wall Black and White head shot Tattooing Railroad tracks 2 Railroad tracks 1 Flowers 1 Amish Farmer Tattoo up close Lexi Lexi 2 Lexi 6 Lexi 5 Lexi 4 Lexi 3 Alice In Wonderland 1 Alice In Wonderland 2 Child 1 Child 3 Indian Man 3 Children 1 Indian Woman 6 Indian Woman 5 Indian Woman 9 Pensive Indian Woman Pussy Willow Butterfly 1 Windmill3 Shoes Windmill 8 Windmill 5 Black 8 Windmill 2 kris695 Gothic 19 Gothic 14 Gothic 10 Gothic 6 Gothic 5 Black 5 Black 4 Black 3 Black 2 Chain link Black Black 9 Spaghetti Pot 17