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Kris Austin

Hello, my name is Kris Austin. I am a contemporary acrylic artist from Cascade, Wisconsin. I live here with my boyfriend /best friend Bob who uses his wonderful design brain to make gorgeous frames to compliment my art; we also share our home with my 3 beautiful children  - Jacob, Kelsey and Connor who amaze and inspire me every day!

I have grown up with art all around me; be it in the macramé hangings or paintings by my mom, or by the stone birds I remember my father hand carved while in school. I also have a sister who has gone on to have a successful full time career as an artist working out of Portland, Oregon.  I am very proud of all of the talent I have been surrounded by.

I am also, like my family, naturally ‘self – taught’, in the arts. My passion with painting began in 2008 when I came to love the acrylic medium. I am not a patient person by nature, and I loved the quick drying time which also led to a ‘quicker’ finished piece. ;)

My works have been displayed in small venues through the United States. These works have been displayed and sold in coffee houses, wineries, breweries and small galleries; most notably in Atlanta and Austin.

I had the honor in 2009 of receiving the Robert Heuel ll Signature Award. I won this award with my painting being chosen from a gallery of 103 Fine Artists from Wisconsin. This honor will always remain close to my heart as I was judged by my ‘peers’, my fellow artists. It is a wonderful feeling for them to see in my artwork what I had hoped to portray.

     In 2014, I was honored to be commissioned to create the signature art piece for the Blind Match World Championship held in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  I am glad to announce that I have been asked to reprise this role in 2016 as well.

My latest large art creation is that of a mural on the side of the Artist Lofts apartment complex in Manitowoc. The painting adorns the building that once held part of the Mirro factory and it depicts the Midwest, history of Manitowoc and the Mirro Company.

My ‘day job’ is that of an Adaptive Activities Instructor and Recreation Coordinator assisting adults with ‘differing’ abilities.

Within this role I am also EVER-CREATING!

I hope you enjoy the many colors in my paintings and the ‘feelings’ that they give to my works. I love creating them for you!

You may follow my art journey,  commission a painting, mural or logo design:  through this site OR

On Instagram      @krissykdesign


(Gallery coming soon)