Sheboygan Visual Artists

Kelsey Taubenheim

I have been an artist for about as long as I can remember. I started with drawing animals and people, then started painting in elementary school. While I was in my early teen years, I started to write and gave up my art for a long time. In high school I started drawing again and thats where my personal style really started to develop. I also started to screen print towards the end of my high school career, I bought a small kit and taught myself how to create my own business. Post high school, I threw my own art show all by myself and sold almost $700 worth of my art, and I gave myself only three months to paint 16 paintings, including my own version of the four horsemen from the bible. I continue to work on my paintings while developing my personal style more and experimenting with drip art and different styles of paint. I also have my own Society6 page with almost a full gallery of all my paintings, which you can find here 

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