Sheboygan Visual Artists

Jacob Philipps

Born in and based out of Sheboygan I started painting the summer of 2014. From the start my main medium has been acrylic on canvas with my main style being abstract. It all started as just messing around with some acrylic paint in my friends kitchen to kill some time and it slowly turned into me finding myself in my works and hoping the world does the same.

Only recently did I decide/find the ambition to start getting my paintings out into the world. I've had my art on 2 seperate coffee shop's walls with both of those going well beyond my dreams I've decided to try harder to make this a thing. 

If you're here you've either bought a painting of mine or are interested in me and regardless, thank you. Even the slightest spark of interest gives me means to keep on painting and inspiration to paint another painting.

Hearing you're not alone is one thing, realizing it is life changing.

(Gallery coming soon)