Sheboygan Visual Artists

Emily Moore

Welcome to my page.

I am a self-taught  Visual Artist.

My work started in my 30's with colored pencil, as an art Therapy/Healing process. .. and then came to also include some photography.   The pencil work shown is only a small portion.. the rest being a little strong out of context, is saved for an appropriate audience or setting.

The photography is done with a simple digital camera, but  I make the most of it... taking a favorite subject matter or object and putting  a unique twist on it and "running with it."

I hope you enjoy my work.  If you are interested in giving feedback on the work or purchasing a printed copy, I can be reached at my email:, checked on a weekly basis.

Most work is 8 x 10... however  some larger sizes are available per request.



Hearts  by the Hearth Final  Embrace Golden  Remembrance Warmth. . . Evening  Sage Hearts at Lakeview All things are possible Adoring  Love A captured moment The Observing  Heart  in  Gold  ( Horizontal ) The Observing  Heart The Observing Heart, in Red   ( Vertical ) The Observing Heart at Twilight Hearts in a Ladie's  chamber Simply  Oriental Asian  Memories. . . Asian  Memories. . . Asian Memories. . . Keepin'  Each Other  Warm Mutual  Affection  Heaven The  Night  Picnic The Family Night Picnic Night  Embrace title in picture Title in picture The Promise Kept Jesus,  Air Brush style The  Lord  in Laurel A butterfly  rests in the sunlight Butterfly  Resting