Sheboygan Visual Artists

Emily Moore

Welcome to my page.

I am a self-taught artist.  My work began in  my early 30's in colored pencil--specifically as a very heartfelt art therapy healing process.  Then many suggested I share. . . that others might relate to my work.

For 8 x 10's, I tried to pack every inch of paper with substance and the highest artistic quality possible for my skill-set at the time.    Each piece takes about 50 hours to color in.  It is rewarding, but a slow and time consuming process. . . and  has little compassion for mistakes.  Corrections are hard to do.

This is only a portion of my work suitable for this page.  The rest I save for an appropriate time or audience to share it with . . .it being a little "strong" out of context. 

The Photography came some years later, in my 40's.  It is done with a simple digital "Budget Camera"-- due to budget contraints.  It is fun to see what I can put together with a simple camera like that.   But work is also done on computer to make things come out their best.

With the photography, I try to convey something unique in my work or have a quirk/twist on a favorite subject matter and "run with it."

I hope you enjoy my work.  If you are interested in giving feedback on the work or purchasing a printed copy, I can be reached at my email:, checked on a weekly basis.

Hearts  by the Hearth Warmth Hearts at Lakeview Adoring  Love The Observing  Heart  in  Gold  ( Horizontal ) The Observing  Heart The Observing Heart, in Red   ( Vertical ) The Observing Heart at Twilight Hearts in a Ladie's  chamber Final  Embrace Simply  Oriental Asian  Memories. . . Asian memories. . . Asian Memories. . . Mutual  Affection  Heaven Remembering   Them A captured moment The  Night  Picnic The  Titanic  Sank, or Keepin' each other warms in a cold world. Winter Joy Cherry  Blossom  Riders Night  Stroll Night  Embrace The Promise Kept Jesus,  Air Brush style The  Lord  in Laurel A butterfly  rests in the sunlight Butterfly  Resting