Sheboygan Visual Artists

Eileen Urness

Although mostly a self taught artist Eileen Urness has been surrounded by art and artists most of her adult life. She has explored many areas of art including jewelry, ceramics and painting. Eileen has experimented with epoxy paintings. She found in epoxy a vehicle to represent the kind of depth, layering and color she was in search of.  Her technique incorporates elements of collage, paint and raw pigment.  Lately Eileen has been experimenting with Millifiori Polymer Eggs. Her technique is largely experimental and self developed incorporating elements of the millifiori glass technique with polymer clay on eggs. She has received several awards for her innovative techniques and attention to detail.

Unexpected No frame Blue Comet 074 005 3. Blue October 12X9 1. September 12X12 Ice(detail2) Fire (detail 2) Bloom (detail1)