Sheboygan Visual Artists

Dorothy Block

"Art is what happens when the artist and the medium meet the Creator." Dorothy Block

I began painting in 2013 after a chance encounter with my soon to be painting mentor Alan C Pape.  Alan and I had been friends for many years and I secretly envied his artisic ability.  I had always wanted to paint but was literally terrified to try.  Alan convinced me to paint with him in his studio.  My first painting was not something that I created alone - I needed God's help to even stay at the studio the first day.  I wanted to leave several times because I was so certain my painting would be terrible.  God showed me that I could do anything with His help and I have been painting ever since.  My goal is to always try to be the vehicle God is using to show my audience the beauty God has created and given to all of us because of His love for us. 

I have a special attraction to color because I am an Interior Designer by trade.  I like to use color to evoke  feelings about the landscape or still life I am trying to capture. When I first discover a scene I want to capture on the canvas I create a memory of how I felt at that first moment of my experience.   My paintings always refer to the object or scene I am painting but I want to enhance the experience for the viewer by adding my own "vision" of how the subject felt to me when I first discovered it. In this way I hope to share my experience with my viewer in an intimate way. 

I enjoy painting from other people's experiences as well.  I love to paint scenes "plein aire" and/or from photographs and welcome inquiries about how you can share your experiences with me so I can share my vision of God's creation with you as I endevour to "paint your memories" on the canvas.





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