Sheboygan Visual Artists

Cheryl Schommer


Iʼm drawn to symbolism and paint and draw realism mixed with impressionism and abstracts. My paintings and drawings always have some personal meaning and are inspired by my eclectic interests in a variety of subjects, but mostly water. Water ,whatever form, is a common theme in my artwork.

My interest in art began as a child with charcoal,pens, paints and a camera. Always taking art classes,I studied drawing ,design painting and photography. My Photography reflects design many times. I received a degree in photography with awards. Iʼve done commission work, exhibited in galleries, designed logos and my work is in private collections.

Heart of Lightness     oil Adrift         oil Apex Claddagh Iconoclast Torch Song056 Koi Smolder Heron on the Mullet Conch Luna Riveress Magma West of Eden Vase Red River Fishtail_1 luna on The Marsh Palooza Mossy Way Shane Rocks Chairs Jumping the Beach (2)Porción del Coche Birch Blue Heron