Sheboygan Visual Artists

Alicia McNally

As a self taught artist, Alicia has worked dutifully to build her passion into a vision that inspires the imaginations of both young and old; bestowing the gentle touch of an animal lover who knows the courage and pain that pet owners face. “Pet owners have a certain insight into the human soul that I think is often dismissed up by both science and non- pet owners. The companionship and loyalty that animals can bring is both therapeutic, and insightful.”

As a pet owner herself, Alicia is often seen with her husky malamute mix walking wilderness park trails with her camera. "You hear things from pet owners that you don't hear from people who don't have pets. There's a sense of empathy that exists with the world that I think is necessary to have balance in life. When a pet or a beloved animal dies (even when it's wildlife), there's a loss that an owner feels that becomes unbearable. To owner it's often the unconditional love they miss, in those who are grieving wildlife, it lingers in awe and inspiration; a connection to something larger than themselves. That is something I feel needs to be immortalized, shared, retold, re-experienced. People need to get out of themselves, out of technology. I've seen owners, pets, and wildlife who would choose to die than to be without the ones they love. The simple need for companionship. They need to have a voice, in all the cacophony that is the "modern day" a bit of quiet for the smallest voice in us all should be heard. At the end of the day, I would like my art to celebrate the relationship rather than grieve it's loss. Maybe in that way, a healing heart may reconnect again."  Alicia not only creates original artwork but takes commissions for clients.

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